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Wilkat Élan Basses:
These basses are offered in bolt - on, or neck through body construction. through body construction. They are protected with either a high gloss polyurethane coating, or a Danish oiled finish. There are two basic body styles currently available, but we offer all sorts of custom shapes, as well as more traditional designs, if desired. We prefer the beauty of natural richly grained wood. Highly figured woods add to the appeal of the instrument, and are carefully selected for their wonderful tonal qualities. We recommend the use of maple, purple heart and butternut. Alternative choices can be made, but it is difficult to improve on this combination. Among the advantages are: tonal resonance and response, ideal weight, strength, and stability. All of which result in a superb, finely crafted instrument, that is both rugged, and performance oriented. While purple heart wood reinforces the maple neck, we also use two-way adjustable truss rods to ensure proper string relief and low action can be attained.

Wilkat Élan Bass:
Unit Price: $2,656.00 (Bolt on neck), $2,965.00 (Neck-through-body) Canadian Dollars (with Gold Hardware). The Élan Bass features similar construction to the Élan Guitar and is available in oil or high gloss finish. Standard pickups are dual Humbucking EMG Select (passive) with dual volume and single tone controls. Grover machine heads and Badass or Schaller bridge. Scale length: 34", with 24 frets.
Élan EB2 with bolt - on neck

Élan EB0 ( Neck through body )
Notes: Badass, EMG, Grover, P-Bass, and Schaller are registered trade names of their manufacturers and are not affiliated with Wilkat Guitars in any way.

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