Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity vs Tempurature
Here is a graph showing the relationship between Li-Ion battery capacity and tempurature.
Repair Tracking & Work Order System
Anatech is happy to offer an Automated Repair Tracking & Work Order System.
( though it is still in a basic-looking state )
This new system is fully dynamic;
- entering/submitting a unit for repair not only enters it into an automated work order system but it also sends us an email telling us there's a pick-up
- all the repair request info is entered directly and submitted on-line
- a live repair/history view is available to check on a repair status
- the view repair/history
is also directly linked to the work order system and will update automatically as I do the repairs
- any number of users can be logged in at any given time

It will be updated and fleshed out over the next little while.
Waterproof Radio Depth Ratings
Here is a graph showing the depth/time characteristics of the Vertex IP57 rated waterproof radios.
It shows the relationship between the immersion depth and how long the water-tight seals will last at that depth.
Rental Radios
Anatech has a limited supply of UHF portable and VHF mobile radios for short-term rental use. Contact us for daily, weekly, or monthly rates.
In-Vehicle Wireless Boosters
Here is a graph showing the results of what an in-vehicle 3 watt "wireless booster" actually amplifies.
As can be seen, when working properly, the actual performance is quite different from what is implied in the slick sheets.