Anatech carries a wide range of two-way radio products and can design any solution to suit your needs.
We can satisfy every need from basic communications such as a couple entry-level portable radios to
complex repeater systems such as emergency services with 911 linking.

The #1 reason for poor radio performance is a broken antenna. This will affect both range and clarity.
Vertex replacement antennas are $29.95 each.
Other manufacturer’s replacement antennas are also available.

The #2 reason for poor radio performance is a bad battery.
Batteries have a normal life expectancy of 1½  to 2 years.

Ni-CAD and NiMH batteries should be reconditioned/analyzed every year to maintain optimum performance levels.
Our reconditioning service is only $9 per battery if the battery can be returned to an “over 80%” capacity.
There is no charge to analyze batteries or for batteries that do not reach the 80% threshold.

Lithium Ion batteries have totally different maintainence requirements than NiCad or NiMH batteries.
For best performance and maximum life, Li-Ion batteries should be topped up (charged) whenever possible.
The best common practice is to put them in the charger every night no matter what their usage was during the day.
Lithium batteries cannot be reconditioned; when they’re dying/dead, that's it.
Replacement batteries are readily available for Vertex radios and other radio manufacturers.

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