There are a number of factors that will cause cellular dead-zones within buildings which include metal-clad siding,
below-ground levels, factory tinted or triple-glazed windows, heavy electrical and/or mechanical equipment areas,
physical distance from the cell site and the surrounding terrain.

- A cellular building enhancement system will re-broadcast the good outside signal to improve the signal levels indoors.

- Custom engineered systems are available for all the carriers networks; ie Telus, Bell, Rogers.

- Systems can be designed to cover areas as small as an office or home to as large as a high-rise or warehouse.

- On-site evaluation would be required for a cellular enhancement solution quotation.

Solutions are all multi-carrier, providing cost-effective coverage for all technologies.

- Our systems are designed to provide a consistent coverage area and optimum performance.

- Once installed, systems are maintenance free.

- All systems are guaranteed to protect carrier signal integrity as the network evolves.