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The Marco Matrunola MSS Edition Custom Guitar:
Marco Matrunola Edition MSS
This stunning custom guitar body was made for Marco Matrunola and features construction of quilted bookmatched maple top, butternut back wings, maple and wenge wood center, and a wenge control cover, and ebony knobs. The neck is a Moses Graphite headless, and the ever reliable Steinberger R-Trem bridge provides stable quick tuning and stays in tune once set.

The pickups are active EMG, and these babies really sing!

Elegant and Stylish (and lookin' good from back to front!):
Superb comfort/easy access to 24th fret

The Danish oiled finish provides a satiny smooth soft luster that brings out the beauty of wood grain, and provides protection and appealing good looks. High gloss finishes are nice, but
nothing compliments fine wood as well as an oiled finish! The back also features a cavity
wenge control cover matching the highlight trim -- death to plastic!

The weight of this instrument is light and well balanced by the combination of the woods
selected, and results in an extremely comfortable guitar with super sustain and tone, and feel.
The maple top brightens the sound without being overbearing.

Marco's Review:

I was right, Bill!
In that box there was the guitar, and finally I have it!
Very very fast shipment!
Well, of course I have done the little job and mounted the neck. I have tighten the screws but without forcing.
    I am still in a confusionary state of mind, because the body is too, too beautiful!
The butternut back is much more better than in the photos, and the maple top is simply stunning!
It's a strange sensation because actually I know this guitar, but having it here...it seems like an old time
relationship, when people get married after months of letters and photos.
    But in this case I can have only good surprises.
First of all the guitar is very comfortable, and you did a great job with the neck, action is unbelievable, never
played something like that, and there is no buzz at all! I have mounted D'Addario double ball 046 - 09, and as
you said the guitar is a lightning.
    The tonal palette is wide, the ebony knobs are cool and their position is perfect. Great wiring and grounding job too, very quite guitar, even in single coil position.
Maybe I'll change the spring, because after tuning in fixed position I have loosen the bridge and the tuning
dropped half a tone, while the spring knob was all screwed, I mean, I can only release the spring.
    Well, now it's hard to explain how I am feeling, but for sure this is the best guitar I've ever had, and probably I
am going to sell the other ones, at least two or three ot them, because comparison is simply embarassing.
Thanks a lot, Bill!

Also see Marco's review on Harmony Central at:


Bill's Reply:
Man, I love to hear it all, but I am embarrassed too -- but, don't stop! I love it! :)

Notes: EMG, Moses Graphite, and Steinberger, etc. are registered trade names of the manufacturers and are not affiliated with Wilkat Guitars in any way.

Special Thanks to Ned Steinberger for his words of wisdom, & for creating the "original" Steinberger guitars, tuners, and bridges. His ingenious designs will live on!

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