Anatech can custom engineer any solution to specifically address your in-building coverage needs.

Custom solutions can be designed to cover an area as small as a few hundred square feet or as large as a 100,000 square feet.

They can comprise of one large coverage footprint or multiple smaller footprints.

A typical solution will have a roof-mounted outside antenna (to pick up the desired signals from the various surrounding cell sites), an appropriately capable amplifier (mounted in a utility, electrical, computer, or service room) to broadcast the outgoing and incoming signals, and any number of inside antennas (generally hidden) needed to cover the areas needing improvement.

Our systems come with a full 1 year warranty on all equipment, hardware and calibration, tweaking & maintainance.
It is common, as a system breaks-in over the first month or so, for it to require minor tweaking.

We also guarantee for 1 year, network performance. This means, our system will work as designed, with no adverse effects or interference on the surrounding carrier's cell sites.

Our systems are designed to maximize signal penetration and usability without adversely affecting the various carrier's towers performance*. We have the experience and work with various carrier's engineers and Industry Canada, to provide an approved industry solution. We pride ourselves knowing that every one of ours systems works as designed with no ill effects**.

* a very important notice regarding in-building booster systems
There are many retail packaged in-building booster products sold through retail outlets on the market, all of which, when not installed with the proper considerations and engineering will cause interference and swamping issues on a carrier's cellular tower (& network). These issues can cause problems from, other users in the area experiencing dropped calls to completely overpowering the tower and knocking it off-line. The FCC in the United States has started processes to regulate in-building systems making them enforcablely illegal to purchase directly and operate. The FCC's regulations would mandate that only qualified manufactures and appropriately trained providers would be allowed to design, supply, install, and maintain these systems. As with everything the FCC does, Canada's regulatory equivalent, Industry Canada, shortly implements the same.

** Even the one where our outside antenna is mounted on a Telus Mobility cell site, 30' below their antenna array.