this is a basic checklist of the things we would need to know;

what carrier's signals need to be enhanced?
     - Telus, Bell, Rogers, Freedom, Mobilicity, etc
     - most commonly, our systems provide coverage for all of the above, on all the various frequency bands

what is the coverage area needed (in square feet)?
     - is it a house, office, warehouse, highrise, parkade
     - are certain areas more important than others

what is the location?
     - are you in the city, or in the country?

what is the construction (inside and out)?
     - wood frame, stucco, cement, cinder block, prefab, steel/tin clad siding
     - standard windows, triple-glaze, factory tint*
     * factory tint is created using metallic particles in the glass - these particles block radio signals quite effectively

what is the surrounding terrain?
     - flat open ground, in a steep-hilled valley, surrounded by other buildings

Based on these initial questions Anatech can work towards providing you with a suitable,
cost-effective, trouble-free, cellular signal enhancement solution.

actual top-down coverage plot of the Turner Valley / Black Diamond cell site
yellow=strongest signal     green=good     blue=weaker     purple=worst

actual 3D coverage plot of the Nakiska Ski Resort radio repeater
yellow=strongest signal     green=good     blue=weaker     purple=worst