Please Note: As of June 28th 2013, I will be officially retiring from the guitar building business.

I will indulge as a hobby and keep my own instruments in top playing condition and maybe build a few things for myself for fun which might be later sold off on Ebay or elsewhere, but otherwise, that's it. So, thanks to all the buyers who have supported me over the years, and my regular clients whose guitars and basses I have tweaked and/or repaired, it was a blast serving you!

Bill Wilkat
Wilkat Guitars

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Marco's Custom MSS Headless Guitar

See Marco's Custom Headless "Agile" Guitar
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My Personal Headless/Fretless Beatle Bass

See Loo's Custom EB-O Wilkat Élan Bass

See the Monte Stevens Special Guitar with Steinberger GS Neck
More Custom bodies to come -- visit again -- thanks!


More Bass Bodies for Steinberger Style Necks

See The "Gonzo" Headless Bass!

It's Here! The Hampshire Edition Arch Top Semi-Acoustic
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Also, Check Out the Wilkat Élan Carved Top Guitar

Are you looking for a special bass body?
Check out the latest: The Wes Watson Edition Bass Body
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