Car Clubs and members special radio pricing promo FAQs

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Anatech has been providing reliable radio communications to;
car clubs, track organizers, cruisers, and off-roaders since 2007.
Trust Anatech to keep your group together.

All radios are programmed following ISED (Industry Canada) / FCC regulations having . . .
11 unique channels programmed for club privacy
5 channels programmed for consumer FRS/GMRS radio compatibility
(all 16 channels are actually FRS/GMRS frequencies and do not require a license to use)

As product and pricing can change from year to year,
please see the above brochure for this year's specific car club and member promo.


What is the range of these radios?
Rule of thumb for any radio at these frequencies is 1 mile per 1 watt
(regardless of the typical consumer product BS advertising of 30, 40, 50+ kms).
These are 5 watt commercial radios (max allowed for a portable),
so on flat ground with no obstructions, can range about 5 miles / 7 kms.
Hills, buildings, etc will reduce this range.

Why doesn't the radio work very well sitting on the floor of my car?
Anything metal will scatter or block the radio signal.
The best place for the radio is always above the body of the vehicle (ie, the doors, etc).

What are the five FRS/GMRS compatible channels?
The club radio channels 12 through 16 are hard-coded
(channel & privacy code) as;
12-28,  13-28,  14-28,  15-28,  16-28
For those more technical, that's 467.6625,  467.6875,  467.7125,  462.5500,  462.5750,
all using privacy code 173.8

Can these radios be used for other purposes?
Yes. Lots of members use them for camping or hunting or off-roading as well.
And even in the hotel or sight-seeing when traveling with friends.

Are these radios waterproof?
No. We do have other models that are though.

Where can these radios be used?
These radios use the same unlicensed frequencies used by FRS/GMRS radios
and so can be used by anyone, anywhere throughout Canada, US, Mexico without any license requirements.

Is there a shorter antenna?
Yes. But the shorter antenna reduces the range by about 20%.

Are there other speaker mics or audio accessories other than what's on the brochure?
Yes. Lots. Too many to list. If you are thinking of something specific, please ask.

Does Anatech charge HST or PST for those outside of Alberta?
No. Being an Alberta company, we only charge GST, regardless of where a radio may be shipped.

What forms of payment does Anatech take?
cash, cheque, EFT, credit card
However, because of the large promo discount, we will have to add a flat $5 for credit card payments
(instead of the higher 3% processing fee).

Does Anatech charge shipping?
Again, because of the special promo discount,
Anatech will add a minimal flat rate shipping charge depending on destination province.
Local Calgary area delivery is, of course, free.
rest of AB - $8
BC/SK/MB - $10
ON/QC - $12
Maritimes - $14