Anatech can analyze, recommend, design, supply, implement and maintain any type of two-way radio communications system your operations may need.
No solution is too small or too large.

A system can be anything from;
- a small group of radios sharing a common channel
- to a large organization with individual shared groups and/or individual call and paging capabilities
- to a radio based remote control system
- to a single or multi repeater operation covering any size facility or rural application

These are a small sample of some of the things we've done for our customers.

- design & implementation of a rural Emergency Services two-way radio repeater system with 911 linking

- multi-repeater two-way radio system provider for local technical college

- design & implementation of a radio control system for a remote pump station in the mountains

- design & implementation of a radio controlled remote (concession/snack hut) call box for golf courses