Vertex markets a number of different analogue and digital repeater packages, each unique to its own application or installation.

The most common analogue unit is the VXR-7000 desktop repeater, 

For rack-mount applications, there is the EVX-R70 digital (/analogue) repeater,

All Vertex repeaters come as 100% duty cycle with a full 50 watts transmit power - VHF or UHF.
The VXR-9000 is also available with a 100 watt transmit power option.

also have the longest warranty in the industry with 3 years coverage.

Custom programming to ensure privacy and security, complying with Industry Canada regulations is included in the price.

various features include;
- VHF and UHF versions
- 50 watts transmit power, VHF or UHF
- 100 watts transmit power option on the VXR-9000
- up to 16 channels on the VXR-7000
- up to 32 channels on the VXR-9000
- customizable Scan options
- CTCSS and CDCSS privacy tones
- 2-tone & 5-tone Call Signalling
- adjustable squelch level
- 3 year warranty

VXR-7000 desktop repeater brochure
EVX-R70 digital rack-mount repeater brochure