Vertex mobile radios are the most powerful radio on the market
with a full 50 watts transmit power for VHF and 45 watts for UHF.

also have the longest warranty in the industry with 3 years coverage.

Custom programming to ensure privacy and security, complying with Industry Canada regulations is included in the price.

Vertex mobile radios come complete ready for use with;
- palm mic
- mounting bracket
- power cord
- high-gain wide-band antenna kit
(professional vehicle installation extra)

various features include;
- VHF and UHF versions
- 50 watts VHF transmit power
- 45 watts UHF transmit power
- 8 to 501 channel versions
- with or without display
- customizable Scan options
- CTCSS and CDCSS privacy tones
- 2-tone & 5-tone Call Signalling
- adjustable squelch level
- 3 year warranty on radio
- 1 year warranty on accessories




various accessory options include;
- heavy duty and DTMF palm mics
- extension and external speakers
- voice scramblers

Mobile radios can also be utilized as a simple desktop base station by mounting them in a custom shroud with a power supply.

..........complete base station assembly.................optional desk mic

General Information Model Specific brochures*

VX-2100/2200 series

EVX-5300/5400 digital mobiles

* these are the most common models, other models also available

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